I like a guy who's friends with someone I used to date- what should I do?

I was seeing a guy for a few months and I really liked him. It It was that weird situation of more than friends but less than a relationship
Anyway were just friends now and we're both happy with it this way.
But I had a crush on one of his friends. Nothing's happened, he doesn't even know lol but I think he's interested as well.
I don't want to say something or act flirty, because I'm not the kind of girl who gets around
Would he be turned off because I've been with his friend?
What should I do? Im normally fine with Mekong the first move but should I wait and see if he does anything?


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  • Your exs friend probably won't date you. There's a thing called bro code and well you're an ex and if his friend breaks bro code your ex and that guy can no longer be friends.

    • Yeah the thing is I'm not an ex. He was never my boyfriend and we're friends now
      And I'm pretty sure he would be fine with it himself
      Maybe I should wait and see?

    • Yeah, it don't matter still bro code. And yeah you shoukd wait.

  • I'm dating one of my ex's friends... I don't think you should limit yourself. Everyone can be a grownup about the situation and if they can you can move on.


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