My date seems kinda... serious?

I am 14 years old and part of the 'nerd crowd'. Until recently I only had one friend at any given time, so I was surprised to be asked out by one of my newer friends after a year and a half. He's a great guy and very sweet, but sometimes he seems too serious. He often asks if I'd like to go somewhere on the weekend and is depressed when my parents say no. We've been on one date -nerd-style, to see Avengers- but he seems more serious. Also, when I make a lighthearted joke, like "Eh, I'm stupid anyway" or "Im fat already, the chocolate won't hurt" (when I am neither fat nor stupid and Vainly know so xD) his face goes very serious and he says "You're not fat,". A contribution might be that he is a year older -though in the same grade, possibly because of our T1 program- and thinks like a grade 10 boyfriend who is ready for fortnightly dates. I'm a little afraid of commitment as well, so that doesn't help, but why does he think like this and how do I learn to tolerate it?


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  • i dont know sorry


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