Girls, is it normal I have "fetish" like this?

I am really really very attracted to girls who wear shortsleeved regular GREY t-shirt and has nice strong arms, quite buff arms. However when girls wear t-shirt like this I am much more attacted to her even when she's not that pretty than to girl who is far more attractive.

Is it normal?

Do you also wear (or known someone) grey t-shirt and has strong arms?


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  • Fetishes aren't meant to be understood.

    I would say this is on the normal end of fetishes when I compare it to those I have heard through out my life.

    • What do you think about my fetish?

      Do you think it looks good on girls?

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    • Do you wear grey t-shirts?

      Doesn't quite buff girls look better than skinny ones?

    • I'm a girly girl. I'm dressed up a lot.
      So, no I rarely ever wear t-shirts except for in the house.

      I think buff girls look manly (most of time)
      but to each their own.

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  • When guys see a almost way to pretty girl in their minds the think "lots of make up" or "fake" (no offense, there are lots of natural pretty girls in the world, talking about model ability girls) but it's kinda a turnoff. So no it's not weird you just like more "real" looking girls.

  • Who cares if it's normal? Even if you're the only such guy in the history of the world (I'm sure you're not), you like what you like. Go find that girl. (Maybe you can settle for a girls with guns and buy her the heather grey shirt, eh?)

    • Thanks! The best answer!

      What do girls with guns means?

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    • As for the skinny girl gaining muscle, I have bad news. There is NO WAY you can ask her to please change for you that she won't hear as "he doesn't like me the way I am." Plan strenuous dates and hope she bulks up, maybe, but if you can't love her when she's skinny, you owe it to you both to just go find someone else.

      It's been a pleasure chatting with you.

    • Ok, but first situation is another. She wears leather jacket and grey t-shirt underneath. She also has a strong arms. And on ONE date I have to make her take off her jacket and proudly flex her guns. :D

  • Hmmmmm... I don't know that's sorta weird but I guess whatever floats your boat!

  • That's a very specific turn on


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