Online dating site, someone lists "physical intimacy" as 1 of 5 "Can't Live Withouts" Do you think people who don't make sex a priority would respond?

Everyone says they lke sex but not everyone makes it a priorityi n life. Many find a million reasons (stressed, work...) to not have time for it or not be in the mood. Do you think those prople would still respond to a profile that says "physical intimacy" is a "Can't Live Without" in life?
Do you interpret "physical intimacy" to mean sex or just cuddling and being affectionate?

  • I think only very sexual people would respond.
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  • I think middle of the road sex priority people would respond and higher, but not people who don't make sex a priority in their life
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  • I think even non sex priority people would respond bc they are looking at so many other things in your profile
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  • I think even non sex priority people would respond bc everyone "thinks" they are sexual, even if in reality it's not a priority for them
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  • I think many people would not respond bc it's creepy.
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  • I think it depends. I know peo poo let that have no desire for sex even in relationships (what?). Would they respond maybe, but hopefully if they already know they would be kind and not even try to start a relationship with someone that will eventually be doomed.


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  • I think most would respond anyway because sex is still a part of a relationship no matter how you prioritize it


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  • That would put me off completely.


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