Do I have to know female psychology to gain a fairly decent dating life?

Check out this very interesting article: link (Warning: it's fairly long, might take you 6-7 minutes to read. If you don't want to read it then skip to what I'm saying below.)

Browsing through seduction community stuff online it almost seems that if you're a nice guy, it's impossible to get a girlfriend unless you go through a rigorous training to understand how the female mind works. The article I linked to above is basically a informal psychological case study. Do I need to understand girls to such excruciating detail in order for girls not to be nauseated at the thought of being with me? Do I need this in order to be sexually attractive? "Confidence" and "just be yourself" aren't cutting it for me.

Please refer to this: link in order to understand some of the abbreviations in the article I linked you to before.


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  • Psychology is involved in several aspects of the human pshyche. You can't really go by one artical neither can you really pinpoint the actions and understandings of a womens psycology just by going what is in that article. Through experience you will gain the best knowledge of what to do, when to do them, and how you should do them with women.

  • I think to a certain extend every guy needs to know how girls think. In summary they rarely say what they mean, they NEED compliments and attention, and they like the feeling of status (ie the reason behind dating football players, rich guys, etc). They are almost all insecure especially the hot ones and all in all they're complete psycho's. When you know how to act and what to say to get them to respond well then its easy from there.

    PS: in a relationship never be the one that cares the most. If you don't care then you'll have all the power.