Being ugly and getting women?

I have this issue it seems like I dont have this ability to get women because of my looks. What can I do to be more successful. Should I try to become friends first or should I X myself out because that's how I'm feeling.


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  • I think you should exercise so you can feel better about yourself overall.
    Wear clothes and do a hair cut that suits you.

    I know it won't change your facial appearance but it does help.

    Girls like a guy with confidence.

    When you feel better about yourself... it shows to every one.
    Then you can approach these girls.
    Try going to a setting like a park, club, restaurant and talk to a girl that appears by herself.

    Just walk up to her and introduce yourself.
    Start small conversation , then ask to exchange numbers to keep in contact.

    • If you do get rejected just understand it's not the end of the world and it happens with every one.
      You'll have better luck with someone else.

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    • yes but I'm not attractive enough to be able to approach women and get their numbers and so on

    • You need more confidence.
      Believe in yourself.
      With that attitude girls r going to know how you feel about urself and be turned off

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  • Confidence bro, even if you have to fake it. At least give off the vibe.


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  • I agree with @Ulyss. You aren't ugly but you do look like you don't want to be bothered. Try smiling more and take the subtle friend route. Be a friend but also acknowledge the girls looks and qualities.

    • Most of the time when I become friends in that way it usually doesn't work

    • Yeah, taking the friend route is a 50/50 chance. You don't have to be with the girl everyday but appear enough so that you're on her mind. Like keep in touch with her once a week while learning what she likes to do. If she likes skateboarding initiate hanging out (not a date but actually chilling) at a skateboard park one day.

    • I'm 6'4 I'm not interested in skateboarding girls and I make friends with women easily I think it has something to do with my looks besides the point I've tried being friends it generally doesn't work for me

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  • Nah you don't look ugly. just mean looking like you don't want anyone to talk with you lol and I suggest just being friends first and later start flirting with them and also just make them laugh because it's the best way to make them like you


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