Girls, Girls do you agree, if guys should not have a outer of their league girlfriend, then girls should not have outer confident and secured bf?

if guys should deserve the same physical attractive girlfriend or below than they are. why girls should deserve more confident and more secured guys then they are?

  • no i do not agree. we girls want more confident and more secured guys than us. and guys want hotter gfs,
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  • yes i agree. all equally the same. (same, hotness, the same security, and the same confidence).
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  • I don't personally believe that people are in "different leagues". People should date who they like. Period.

    I am confident and at least average looking-I have no problem getting guys and I do not consider myself "too good" or "not good enough" for anyone and talk like this pisses me off actually. Who came up with this crap?

    Here is the bottom line: everyone is attracted to different things. I find macho buff guys less appealing than average/scrawny guys. I find it attractive when a guy opens up to me and is vulnerable and honest. I find it attractive when a guy has REAL feelings. Conversely if a guy says "I'm not insecure about anythingr" or "I don't have feelings cuz I'm not gay" or just acts like he is sooo much better than everyone else it totally turns me off. It's not me "dating in my league." This is what I am genuinely attracted to (among other things).

    If a man does not have the qualities I value, that doesn't mean that I'm too good for him. That's absurd. It means we aren't a match for each other. Everyone looks for different qualities in a mate.


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What Girls Said 2

  • It is not about what guys should do or have. Guys and girls have right to date anyone they want. "Out of their league", "below their league" or whatever. But even though they have right to do so and desire to do so, it depends on the other person too. Most attractive people want to date attractive people, and since they are hot, it is easier for them to get a hot partner. They have lots of options, and mist average or unattractive guys/girls just stand no chance.
    So pursue whoever you want. Kerp in mind they might not want you and accept the fact that since attractive people have more options, you might never get to date a hot girl. You'll always have better chances when going out with girls in your league or below your league.

    • than you should expect less or the same level confidence and security guys

    • I don't expect anything since I'm ugly and will be single for my whole life.

    • no, you are not ugly. you may seem for someone outer of his league.

  • Yes I agree.


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