Is this normal?

Okay so I meet this guy online we've only known each other for about a week, but after a day or so we started flirting and then he started calling me babe and was being really sweet and we started calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend.
Then after a couple days of us talking A LOT (It isn't like I don't know him at all) he asked to see my boobs I said no and he said I can trust him and he loves me and I still said no so he asked if it's cause I don't love him and I said it's because I think I'm too young and we ended up getting in a fight.
The next day *today* I said sorry (I had been rude to him) and he said it's fine and if I didn't want to that's fine.
So we talked a little about random stuff but then he asked again to see my boobs but I didn't really want to but he said it would be fine and I didn't want to get in another fight so I showed him, and he said thanks and that it's nearly 2 in the morning so he gonna go to bed.

So I feel bad and like I should have not done it and I don't know what to do I didn't really want to do it but I felt pressured and I didn't want to fight, this is my first relationship and I have NO idea if this is normal.

I'm 14 and he's 21.
Please help and sorry for lack of punctuation this JUST happened and I'm a little... Stressed?
Anyway please please please help
Is this normal? am I just overreacting? Help


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  • no that is not normal. does he know you are only 14? if so, the guy is a peadophile. DO NOT send him any more pictures. Id also suggest ceasing all contact with him.

    He DOES NOT love you. please be safe and stop talking to him. He should be looking for girls his own age.

    Honestly, forget him and move on.

    • I look 17 if that makes a difference

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    • Ya I should have known not to talk to him my mom warnede about that stuff

    • And your also underage. You should not be send nude boob pic. cuz you would also be in trouble. The first thing you should've done is tell an adult. Not send the pic. Once its sent that means everyone has access to it.

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  • NO I've been in a situation like this before. I met a guy online and on Kik this guy asked for pictures so I sent him one with all of my clothes on. I am 13 going on 14 and he said he was 15... We started to talk very intimately soon after and I gave him my number... I told my parents about the relationship and my mom looked him up... He ended up being in college. THIS IS BAD! Tell your parents immediately. He is a pedophile.

  • Hey dont freak out okay but be careful bc you never know like what could happen like he might not be who je says he is

  • He is just using you for nudes.


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