Advice for people in bad relationships who refuse to get out in fear of being alone?

Apart from just "leave them" :(


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  • I guess the fear of being alone is what needs to be worked on. Find some friends or family to spend time with if the loneliness is too much.

    • i guess it is loneliness but I have many friends.. all of whom have long term boyfriends and are with them most of the time.. outings usually involve couples and it hurts to be like the 7th wheel. My family lives in a different country..

    • I guess the bottom line is that you have to ask yourself what is worst. Being alone for some time or being in a crappy relationship for the rest of your life?

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  • You have to decide on the path of least hurt. Ask how you can get to the end with minimum pain.

    If you stay, you may never be happy. Your life will be one of continual pain and suffering.
    If you go, it will be scary on your own, but eventually you will meet a decent guy. Your life will then be one of continual hapiness.

    It's your choice. Neither is very palatable, but it's the end result that matters.

  • Go somewhere heavily populated, like downtown or a shopping mall. Find a place to sit down and just watch all the people out there. Then realize how many people are out there and that the right guy for you is one of them!

  • Just think this to yourself: "Would I want my daughter to be in this situation?"

  • It depends on how bad things are in the relationship?

    • possibly still loves his ex.. talks to her way too often. I've been with him for 3 months, before that i was completely alone for a long time. He has brought stability and happiness to my life, yet his connection with his ex is extremely painful to me, and even worse is how quiet he keeps about it.

    • in all fairness a guy who contacts his ex that much isn't worth staying with due to the pain it will cause you in the long run

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