Guys, Could he be interested?

I've been in the same friendship circle as a guy for 4 years now. When we first met we really got on but we don't see each other often and I started dating my ex of 3 years shortly after that. He was at a couple of things while I was going out with my ex and he was always strangely fascinated by my ex and I as a couple. He then started dating one of his long term friends and they would always chat with me and my ex. However, they broke up and a year later my ex and I broke up. I hadn't seen the guy for ages but we recently attended a wedding and at it he was very friendly and was looking over quite a lot. He also asked me to dance at the ceilidh and we laughed because the announcer exclaimed that he had done well for himself. He chatted to me about where he is from and asked if I had been. Basically the wedding was three weeks ago and I hadn't spoken or seen him since but I visited his hometown today so I messaged on Facebook to tell him and said I hoped he was having a good summer. He came on the minute after I sent it but has not replied. Could he like me or is this showing he isn't interested?


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  • first of all does he know u and yer X have broken-up?

    anyway.. it seems like u had a good time indeed but as friends mostly... also did he read yer message? or he didn't open it yet?

    • The thing is we weren't very close friends. I just knew of him and he would be at things I was at. He would never properly chat just with me he would just smile and look over at me a lot. He hasn't read my message yet

    • ah i see.. so maybe he might've been busy...

      lookin at u's a little bit flirty though...

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  • Ask people close to you but not romantically involved with either of you. Mutual friends etc. It is hard to say from what you have said, not knowing if he is kind hearted or insecure, or selfish etc. Mutual friends will have a better idea as they are third parties but know you both well enough to notice differences in behavior.

  • Maybe he is interested, but not into LDR.


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