Help with the girl of my dreams?

After a miserable 6 months of my freshman year I transfered to a smaller school to play football. Almost at the end of my freshman year is when I met this incredible girl.
She was working for an apartment complex in town and was promoting it so I decided to go talk to her. To my surprise she was also a transfer student but was a year older. She asked for my number for work purposes and I told her she should call me to give me a tour or something and that never happen.
Throughout my sophomore year I saw her more and more and more. It felt like everywhere I went I saw her. She also worked at the store at school and I would buy whatever I could get just to talk to her. Then came ash Wednesday. I went to mass before my class and there was hardly anyone there. As I walked in, sun shined through the stained glass windows right on her like if God was giving me a sign just like in all those incredibly cheesy movies i hate. I sat close to her and she saw me. After mass I went and got coffee. As I was walking out the door she was coming in. This is where I missed my chance.
I said hi and whatnot but didn't buy her coffee or anything. I still saw her around and I still had the biggest crush I have ever had on a girl. But I never talked to her. All my friends told me to go ahead and ask her out but I felt that deep inside I wasn't good enough for her. That a girl as beautiful like her deserved someone who was skinny, strong with a great smile and amazing abs. Not someone like me. This killed me every time I saw her. She was the girl of my dreams and there was nothing I could do about it. After that year, my financial situation got bad and I had to transfer back home and would never see the girl of my dreams ever again. This feeling of self hatred grew and grew inside throughout that summer and then I decided I had to do something about it. I've lost 20 pounds and got braces but it's been over a year since I've seen her. What should I do? Should I just try and move on?


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  • if it's been a full year as u say then definetely u should move on... honestly u r just wastin yer time bro.

    also... it seems like u didn't believe much in yerself... since everyone was tellin u to ask her out and u thought she was deservin someone better... now u lost yer chances.

    so just keep this... don't make da same mistake when u see another gal... dat she deserves someone bette than u ;)


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