She said she looks at me as a friend, but KISSES ME?

So I threw a party yesterday and this girl said "I only look at you as a friend" While i was shirtless tipsy, she drank alcohol, but not a lot, she was sober, I was helping her find the keys to her car in the kitchen, then all of a sudden she turns around then gives me the kissy face, and I go in for a kiss, LIKE WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED? (While nobody was around) Why did she do it?


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  • So she said that before she kissed you? She might be the type of girl to kiss a lot of guys at parties without even really liking them, that's just a way for her to enjoy herself. She might be a flirt who likes teasing guys in the friendzone (cruel, i know). She might have said it because she's not interested in a relationship at the moment, even if she does like you. Or maybe, just maybe, she changed her mind for some reason. Or maybe she said that she only sees you as a friend because whatever the conversation was leading up to that was embarrassing her and she didn't want to admit she liked you. I really don't have enough to go off here. Think about her personality and other signals she gave off, and then what scenarios seem the most fitting. I hope this gives you some ideas!!!

    • I'll make you MHO If you answer this last question, So i asked her about it and she said she don't remember and she was really drunk, But she wasn't, She drove and walked around the house normal. Why would she lie?

    • Hmm so she's back to pretending to not be interested.. That eliminates the option of her changing her mind. She still could be playing mind games, but that'd be pointless.. She probably has liked you this whole time, but might be too embarrassed that she had kissed you, or she's playing hard to get to make you think about her. If you aren't afraid of rejection, you should try complimenting/flirting with her and see how she reacts. Since she let you kiss her, maybe she wants you to show you like her before she will open up. If she responds positively, keep things moving forward. If she keeps being confusing, let her go, it's not worth it. Message me if you need more help or have more u wanna tell me!

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  • Well you kissed her... and she had been drinking, whether it was a lot or not, she was still tipsy

  • She was drunk

    • She wasn't! It was towards the end of the party, She sobered up like 2 hours earlier

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