If I were to ask a girl on a date/hang out, what would be a fun thing to do? Any good movies out right now?

I have liked this girl for a while now, met her 4 months ago. We talked at school for a bit and even hung out once before she left for the summer. We never really had much time to get to know each other well. Plus I am awkward and never really made move, which I regret badly. She has been gone for 2 months. I only text her a couple times all summer. I told myself I would ask her out on a date when she got back and now she is back and I am starting to chicken out. Half of me says you barely kept in contact and now your going to college, just move on. The other half of me says you got nothing to lose, just ask her out. I'm torn because I regret not telling her how I felt and she was kind of my first crush since freshman year. So if I do ask her out and she does say yes (which good chance she will say no), what would be a fun thing to do? Keep in mind we aren't very close. Are there any good movies out right now? by the way I am 18.

Can you tell I didn't do this much in high school? lol


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  • movies or the park.


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