How to be direct without being creepy?

I msged a girl just out of the blue on Facebook who I didn't really know all that well.. we had a nice convo she agreed to go out on a night out but was confused of my intentions? She said I don't know if this is a "date" or you're asking me to "chill" for "sexual" purposes or if I was just asking her out because I was bored? I don't understand how to be direct without being seen as creepy? At the same time I just was curious to see where it would go? With no real agenda? how do you ask girls out without being creepy but letting them know you think they are attractive?


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  • People tend to respond best to you when you're genuine. I wouldn't imagine saying something along the lines of "I like you/I think we'd get on well. I'd like to take you on a date" could be misconstrued as creepy. That's being direct.

    Being creepy is like "You took a shower without me?" or something similar. Not cute. Has never been cute. Will never be cute.


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  • i think being direct is always good.


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