My boyfriend is following accounts that he knows bothers me?

I went on instagram to search and follow a person that I actually just became friends with. I forgot what she said her username was. So, I went to my boyfriends account and pulled up who he follows since I know he follows her. I found out that he is also following girls that post naked pictures of themselves and they message people and ask to do stuff. He also follows other accounts that he knows bothers me because of things that happened in my past that I will never get over. I brought up the accounts that bother me because of my past a while ago and he unfold owed them but followed them back again behind my back.

This whole naked girls thing is really bothering since I've been away from home since the beginning of June. I just don't know what to think. We've been together for 3 months and we rarely get to see each other because he's working or whatever and I'm busy traveling. Please help. What should I do?


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  • "following girls that post naked pictures "

    Instagram doesn't allow nudity so stop lying and stalking his Instagram.

    • I hope you know that I'm not lying and I'm not stalking his instagram by all means. I actually trusted him until I saw that. I am not the person that sits there and does that kind of stuff. I respect other people's privacy just as I would want other people to respect mine. I've always had something telling me that there were things that are wrong but I convinced myself to push them back and say that I'm just making a big deal about nothing. I should've just trusted what I originally thought. Thank you and have a great day/night.

    • Whatever helps you sleep at night. That doesn't change the fact that Instagram doesn't allow nudes.

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  • I usually say by that 3rd month you see a man true colors. And from the sound of things he's showing his true colors. If he knows that it really bothers you, he should be considerate of your feelings, especially knowing the history behind it. It sounds like he really doesn't care at all or else he won't be doing this to you. I can't tell you what to do. But if I were in your situation I would cut my ties because its only going to get worse. And your traveling too, there's no telling what else he's up too. You said that the girls on there write people to do stuff, there's no telling if he ever met up with these girls. All I can say is know your value, love yourself and be careful.


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  • Guys watch porn, dosent mean he's going to cheat on you

  • He is using those pics to get rid of the frustration of not having sex with you. He won't listen to you unless he wants to

  • he doesn't care about your feelings.