What would you buy your boyfriend for graduation?

I'm in need of something to buy my boyfriend for his graduation, but I'm so unsure of what to buy him. Any suggestions?


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  • High school or college graduation?

    • High school :)

    • If he's going college then maybe some school related stuff?

      Possibly iTunes gift cards? Or how about treating him to a dinner at his favorite restaurant?

    • I was considering dinner and then getting him something on top of that, thankyou!!

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  • -a big graduation bear with a basket and stuff it with his favorite candy and little notes of encouragement

    -a picture frame with a pic of you two

    -a book about how to succeed in his career path

    -a ticket to a trampoline park but not fun day go, one for adults and teens and EVEN little kids.


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  • Here are some ideas:
    - a framed picture of you two, or a cute scrapbook
    - bake him graduation cupcakes
    - tickets to something he likes, like a sporting event or concert (something you guys could do together)
    - a comfy sweatshirt
    - shoes
    - a wallet
    - cologne

    • thankyou a lot! this is really helpful :)