How can I get her?

I saw this girl that caught my eye. Loved her hair, smile, teeth and everything. But I'm not that kind of guy tolike a woman for her apappearance I wanna get know her. the only thing I could do was just look her in the eyes even when she wasn't looking I was just star struck. I have no job or car I'm just a full time student looking for work now Would you girls look to date a guy like this. or you woulddon't bother because he has no car or job. Does school not count? What kind of advice to you have for a fella like me

? I'm a reserved kind of guy so this isn't more normal thing and I don't smile that often I've went back to the store but she wasn't even in there she's been on my mind for the last week man but I don't want to seem like a stalker or weirdo to her or her coworkers
What are some ways I can grab her and her attention?


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  • try to talk to her.


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