What should I do?

There's this guy I like at work

we are cool we, make jokes, laugh and talk about personal stuff or topics I told him he would bring it up and talk about what happened. So today at work I was on break and heard one of my female coworkers talking and she said he talks to a lot of girls outside work I have a feeling he does but when Me and him talk at work I'm like the only girl he talks to about personal stuff or gets attention I am good looking and attractive and so is he.

I just have a feeling he talks to a lot of girls I think so because he's single and can do whatever he wants because most of my co workers told me he's a hoe and gets around but when I talk to him about it just as a friend thing he doesn't seem that way not that I know of... He always texts me also they told me he doesn't want a relationship but why doesn't he tell me that its like I don't see that side everyone says how he's a hoe and get around he's single and I'm single I like him but I

don't want to text him and ignore him because we work together and its hard to ignore him. What should I do? He never brings up other girls on who he is talking too.. I don't know what am I to him? Should I text him? I really like him but I wanna keep our friendship low key at work.


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  • Just text him.


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