What happened? Do you think I got dumped?

we had been going out for almost 6 months. The last 5 months are relationship had been secretive because her dad was giving me death threats ( we got caught having sex). I went away on a trip the last 3 weeks. We've been using social media to stay in touch when we we're far apart from each other since each of our parents took our phones from us after we got caught having sex. I haven't heard from her at all during the last 2 weeks. The night before I left we had a picnic under the stars at a park near her house and things were going really well. When I left she gave me like a 30second hug. Her dad was growing suspicous that I was still in contact with her as of last time I saw her in person. What do you think in all likelyhood hapened? Her parents leave for work early in the morning so they can't monitor her 24/7.
  • her parents have taen away all electronics in an attempt to get rid of me
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  • she got over me during the three week period I was gone on vacation.
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  • I have no clue
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