In a relationships how long til you expect marriage?

I'd say 5 years of being together is enough for me to marry you. I'd might consider 4 years. But I will never do it before that. Beciaee I feel like I gotta make sure your in it for the long haul not just the moment. Sounds fucked up.

But marriage is no different from boyfriend and girlfriend except for the fact you stay together til death due us part.

I know I say 5 years but I would actually love 7 years. But that just me.


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  • I believe you should take as long as you like. What the hell is the rush? You may think you know somebody in the span of 5years but people can surprise us at times. I think you have a lifetime getting to know one another and you should take your time. And if you never get married what does it matter? All it is is paper man. What I'm saying is when you feel your soul connected to another individual it doesn't matter the span of time. Love should last forever regardless if you have a piece of paper or not.


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  • Marriage is definitely for those that stay together for a long time, but also has other benefits such as taxes and what-not. If I'm gonna be with someone foreverz your damn straight ima cash in on that.

    Otherwise I don't really care for it.


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  • 5 years too long for me, yo.
    What if I mess up 2 Years after marriage?

    For me, 1 year is more than enough to know if he is the one for me.

    Heck I know if he is the one by 3 months.

    Unless you are doing long distance and barely have time for each other, then 3-4 years.

    • See what I mean. I want to know for sure. 3 month I don't think I can know all of some one.
      One years seems like rushing it.

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    • Nsh I rather date you and see how it plays out.

      We can just date boyfriend and girlfriend and if you don't want to stay with me during that time. then your not the one.

      Marriage is just a title

    • Lol, I guess that works for some.

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