Have you ever *fully* expected someone was going to ask you on a date, or for your number, or something, and then he/she just didn't?

What do you think happened?

  • Maybe he/she lost his/her nerve?
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  • Maybe he/she is/was just friendly or polite, and wasn't *actually* into me like *that*?
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  • Maybe I said or did something that turned him/her off or scared him/her away?
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  • That's never happened to me, not even once..
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  • I dont trust this... it *looks* like a real question, but *clearly* *can't* be... I'm watching you, Fen! Consider yourself *watched*!!
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  • Other
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Most Helpful Girl

  • That doesn't happen to me. Super villains don't have digits to give out.

    • Well... huh... what do they do then?

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    • HookAnEvilCohort. org

    • I was gonna say "foiledbylove" sounds terrible... "FoiledByCupid. com"?

Most Helpful Guy

  • No, I've never met a blind person before.


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  • No, because I'm a heterosexual male, LOL.

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