Will We Become More Over Time Relationship-wise?

I have had a massive crush on this boy for 11 months now, and he has on I. Since the first time he looked at me, I was drawn. Before he told me that he liked me, I had a feeling he did and deep inside I knew he really liked me by the way he treated me. At the end of the year, my feelings for him have grown masive and I couldn't contain it anymore so I told him in person.

Lucky for me, I was right and he felt the same. Since then, we have been talking over text message. We haven't seen eachother for a long time because it is summer vacation but we are still managing to communicate. We never hung out during the school year but we did talk at a party we were both invited to.

This boy is one of the most guy-ish guys out there. I know him enough to realize that he is not an emotional person at all. He never shows emotion even if he feels lit and he doesn't like to get personal in public. His conversation is always very materialistic. He has valuable things to say, but they never pertain to his personal lief or emotions. For the first few times we talked over message, he'd tell me general things like what he was doing over the weekend or what he liked to do.

Now, about a month later, he is beginning to tell me more personal things. For example, the other day, he told me the songs he listened to as he fell asleep. I took this as a big leap for him because he NEVER talks about his personal life. and slowly he is beginning to open up to me. I really like him and I want to know the chances of us eventually growing into a relationship/


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  • Judging by what I have read, the answer is yes. But since he is the type of guy who has a harder time revealing his emotions, you might want to try and move things forward yourself.


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