Girl postpones date last minute?

I've known this girl for quite some time, 8 months probably. And we do chat a lot via whatsapp etc.
Once in a while she does drop hints about asking her out like "we should go ___ some time" etc. But for some reason i was not bothered asking her haha.

a few days ago she asked me out for dinner after work. (we both work in different companies) and the last time we've met in person was probably like 8 months ago. kinda surprised too cos its rare for a girl asking a guy out haha.
anyway i said sure and she told me to text her if anything.

then on the day itself, like 1hour before we were supposed to meet up she said she has to postpone it to next week.
she was like "sooo sorry please dont hate me". she gave a reason too, which i thought was reasonable and can't be avoided haha.

which got me thinking. is it a bad sign she postpones last minute. the fact that she asked me out showed interest. but she postponing got me thinking.

well ok its not like she cancelled completely and not suggest a different date...

also this was supposed to be our first date since we met.


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  • Cancelling last minute means she had a real reason and was nervous about telling you, or she just happened to remember that reason at the last minute.
    My crush did this the first time we were supposed to hang out, cause she had go babysit. Then it took two months to finally set up a hangout again. But we still did.

  • Well this is somewhat suspicious but it's not bad tbh. Maybe she had reasons? Either way I don't think this is worth fussing over.


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