I'm not really attracted to her but I can't help but think about her sexually and otherwise, what do I do and why is this happening?

Typically it's a simple case of me and girl being attracted to each other and getting it on (In a nutshell) but this girl who I wasn't really that bothered about now seems to be at the forefront of my mind and desires, we get on well, I'm not consciously that interested in her but recently I'm turned on by her and I'm quite confused.
I want to know if I should I act upon this, and why it's happening.


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  • This is normal.
    Sometimes people connect with someone on a purely physical level rather than emotional.
    You both probably don't have enough In common to lick that way emotionally.
    You can't see yourself dating her... but you can see yourself involved with her in a sexual way.

    If you're okay with having "no strings attached sex" and she seems to be as well, then you both should try to work something out.
    Of course your approach means every thing when bringing this up,

    Just talk to her (like you would any day).
    Then ask what is she looking for?
    "A relationship" or "just to have fun".
    If she answers just to have fun, say you are looking for the same too.

    Set up a day to hang out (go with the flow).
    Take her out (maybe to a bar or another place of choice) and then offer her to come back to your place.

    If she's under the age of 21 then ask her to come to your place to cuddle and watch a movie.
    Take things from there.

    • *I meant to click that way emotionally (not lick).

    • Takk; I agree it's best to talk to her regardless, I'd rather act on it than keep telling myself not to out of pure confusion and denial of my feelings.

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