Anyone been in this situation? How did you cope?

I did an exchange program a few years ago with my school (in the US) and it's sister school in Germany. Out of everyone in the group, I was one of the youngest along with a guy who is two weeks younger so we became friends and did a lot of group activities together. We were known for our poke wars, tickles fights, putting each other in head locks, and hugging afterwards. I liked him and it was clear he liked me as well. After I left, we kept in touch and became closer. I had feelings for him still and I believe be did as well for me. So this summer, I went back to Germany to work on a farm (other side of the country from where he lives). Now, I'm staying with a friend in a city 3 hours from his. Yesterday, he came and we spent the day together. I picked him up from the train station where we hugged for about 5 minutes. Mostly went from park to park and hung out there. We had a few tickle fights and a major play fight at the end. He pinned me down, straddled me, rubbed his nose against mine, and we stayed like that while giggling and looking into each others eyes. Later on, I had to drop him off at the train station. We hugged each other and I kissed his cheek. Then he lifted my chin, kissed my lips, and we started making out. Then, people started boarding his train. Both of us started getting emotional. We kissed each other once more, said goodbye, gave each other a last tight hug, and both of us left in tears. He nearly missed the train. I walked back home to my friend's crying. I still feel really sad now and miss him a lot. Not sure how to cope. He texted me when I was asleep saying he was home. I responded this morning but no response yet. Has anyone been in a similar situation? How did you cope? What was the outcome in the end?


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  • he cares!! he just didn't respond coz either he didn't see it yet... or he's busy. how long it's been since u texted him?

    all those signs u have from him r not only playful signs... but flirty for sure as well (u said u made-out as well)

    • He slept in but I texted him after he woke up. I texted him 3 times within the past 6 hours and no responses.

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    • alrighty, he said his phone is malfunctioning. thanks!

    • u r welcome :)

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  • Aww that's really sweet. It sounds like you both are shy and have feelings for each other. It may work out, it may not; if it doesn't remember out of sight out of mind and you will be ok! best of luck

    • It was. He won't text me now though. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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    • Try not to double-text, I'm sure he's just asleep. give him time, wait for his response, and then you can text and keep in touch :)

    • ok, sounds good. Texted him 20 minutes ago though.

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