Help with my insecurity?

Hey guys and gals, I've been dating my other half for over a year now, we are engaged and due to marry next July. She has very recently began talking to guys on Facebook, something she hadent done until now, i brought it up as i was a little concerned its kinda happend suddenly and she said she hadent before to "save my feelings" but before she met me this is what she used to do and she's feeling trapped atm so is talking to people (just guys, unfortunately) Now I got pretty insecure here on out, wondering why, was it me? Was I not enough for her etc etc.

This caused a huge argument, I tried to explain how I felt and she said she's been putting me first all this time now she wants to talk to other people (I've never tried to stop her doing his before). The problem is after the argument she got in a huff said I'm not talking to anyone anymore you have got your own way. This isn't what I wanted at all. But now I think she is doing it secretly behind my back which is making me crazy. Like she's on and off WhatsApp all day and "online" but not replying to me. I know that sounds like crazy talk but its where I'm at. I tried to say you can be open with me if you are still taking to guys but she blew up again and stormed out saying she's fed up of this argument... I'm trying to get on top of this insecurity but its killing me thinking she's doing it and now hiding it :/

She is 24 and I'm 26 by the way if that makes a difference.


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  • You two really need some more trust in your relationship.


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  • She's cheating on you. If she isn't she is thinking about it.


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