What age did your parents ALLOW you to date? Did you wait til that age or SNEAK and date ahead of time?


1. What age did your parents ALLOW you to date?
2. Did you wait til that age or SNEAK and date ahead of time?
3. What age will you allow your children to date? Will it differ from daughter to son?

My Answers:

I was allowed to date at 16. My mother however gave in at 15 because of this guy I really liked. I will allow my kids to date maybe at 16. However, I know how I was at age 15, so I will DEFINITELY be all up under them, watching them hard, and joining them on movie dates and all until they graduate high school and/or turn 18.


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  • Both my sister and I were given enough information and help to chose our religion, our hobbies, and our freedom of dating. Neither of us has had a proper physical date, although I have loved a lady from GAG for several months now. So the answers for both sis and I are:

    1. Any age.
    2. We didn't have to wait or sneak.
    3. I will want me children to have the same freedom as I did.
    I doubt my sister will have children.

    • I actually like this 😇

    • Thanks. Our parents are open minded about everything. They have never let us down. We have always been (sort of) Pagan, have always been naturists and don't have any hang-ups about other religions, race, political views.

    • Thanks for MHO!!

      Take care, stay safe!!

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  • I was always allowed to date since day one.

    • Wow. Do you have a sister? Did your parents allow her to date from day one?

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    • I didn't wait til marriage either, but after that one mistake 5 years ago, I have returned to waiting since then... I still think people should wait til 18 and after high school

    • Makes sense. Not what we really need.

What Girls Said 5

  • 1. Mom says its okay right now. Dad says until I graduate college so when I'm 22.
    2. I go by what my mom says but I still haven't had my first kiss, I think when I'm 16 I'll be more open to actually kiss someone.
    3. Daughter and son can start at 14. It's freshman year in high school so I think that's good, but I don't even want kids😂

    • Graduate college? Dang he's really putting school first lol

    • Yep, but my mom just says he is crazy and don't pay attention to that.

  • 1. There werent ever a actual age. I had my first boyfriend at 13 and my parents allowed it.
    2. As said above I didn't have a set age. They just accepted it.
    3. Whenever I see they are mature enough to handle the consequences but probably not before 13.

  • I had a boyfriend at 12, but it was like, we would hang out at his place or mine or the mall, and we would kiss and make out, and like, we went to middle school dances together. I didn't start going on like, official dates where he picked me up and we went out and did something until I was almost 15. My parents were okay with me having a boyfriend, and they were okay with me spending time with him.

    • Oh okay that sounds cool

  • 1. Never. It was forbidden.
    2. No sneaking. I just dated once I reached college
    3. I don't like foreseeing the distant future

    • I actually like your 2nd and 3rd answer. It would be neat if everyone could wait til college or 18+

  • When I was around 15.

    • Will you allow your kids to date at that age?

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