Ever been turned on my someone that you are out of there league?

My type and what i am most attracted to physically: Tall, skinny/athletic, my skin color very light brown or lighter, and I've only had Latino men and White guys, never dated my own race which is Indian ( PS not from India, indian is just my ethnicity). My ex completely shattered my trust in guys, he emotionally, mentally abused and manipulated me for 6 years and when he laid his hand on my and dislocated my wrist i left him and have been single for 2 years. Then at my workplace, I have been working there for 6 months now and I met this guy I work for a Oil and Gas Company, and he goes to work offshore two weeks and onshore two weeks ( onshore when I get to see him at work). We have been talking multiple times per day every day for the past two months. I never thought anything of him except sorta cute in a way. He treats me so well the way i always wanted to be treated and sometimes when you get to damaged emotionally in the past you don't know how to accept the good treatment that you always wanted. For the first time after two years of being single, i am letting my guard down really slowly but i am and he says he wants to make me happy, not ruin things, and he supports me, he is so patient and sees so much good in me. He feels insecure that his friends told him I am out of his league but I don't care about looks with him at all. He is not the physical type i go for. He is my height 5ft 6 inches tall, he is dark, but he has a nice face (though i have dated guys way better looking), and his ways, his character, something there is just something about him that draws me in and I want to love him and kiss him. And the other night we were at a boardwalk at night and he kissed my hand& the inner part of my forearm and it turned me on. Kissing him i feel that spark, that feeling you get deep inside your chest or upper abdominal that is hard to describe. I keep thinking sometimes, he is not my type physically and no one has ever turned me on so easily and so intensely.


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  • If he can turn you on, then you must find him attractive in some way. He can't be that far out of your league. Besides there's more than just looks in play when considering a relationship.

    • He is cute, he is not ugly. But i always feared dating someone my size and height i feel i am hugging a girl. But with him i don't care. Like his body doesn't turn me on, nor does his face. Just his body language, mind, character. But maybe I will figure out why i am so sexually attracted to him one of these days. Yes I definitely know its more than looks that come to play in a relationship. I can see myself committing. Like never cheating, cause no other guys no matter how much better looking or anything could make me stray. Right now I don't care about looking at anyone else.

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  • i never have.


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