Should I apologize first or my girlfriend for the conflict we had, it also involved a tiny physical altercation. Should I just apologize first?

Out of the 2 years we`ve been together this was this first physical (some what) altercation we had. To sum it up we both got mad and she usually gets mad first, iàm a calm person so it takes a lot for me to get mad. While i was sitting on the couch she started to kick me and after 4 or 5 kicks, i got up and held her arm and just squeezed it and i kept putting on pressure, so when i squeezed hard she was like "stop please!" i let go and told her not to do that again or i'll do worse (i was lying, i would not do wrose, most i will do is what i did in the situation, i always said it just to kind of scare her not to kick again).

This was kinda crazy cause we both had a bad start to the day and it just erupted. Should i just apologize first?


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  • I would say just go and apologize, and sit down and discuss what happened so it doesn't happen again

    • i guess i will apologize first to her. We will have a talk and make sure it won't happen again

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  • I don't want to sound childish but she did start it first this time, she should apologize. If she can't live up to that then she's selfish.


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