Delima, asking out in Facebook?

Setup: I see one if the volunteers at my work maybe once or twice a month, and we always chat for a good hour or so. I'd really like to ask her out, but can never find a good chance (since I'm at work). We always have fun and joke around, and I'd really like to see her outside of where I work.

We are friends on Facebook, we've started to chat more frequently, talking about books and such. I think she's single, and mentions going to movies by herself, and doing other activities alone.

I don't have her phone number, so the only way I could ask her out would be via Facebook, is this an okay thing to do? I've only ever asked women in person, not really sure how people feel about asking for a date on social media.

Is this an ok thing to do? How should I approach it? Any tips, or thoughts would be most helpful!

*Dilemma, dammit phone


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  • *Dilemma. Just grammar nazi


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