What is the worst blind date, ever?

I know I mention this topic, before. I am thinking lot of what happen in my first blinddate. It's a longer story. And, I am confuse, of what happen. I want to know, yours story and if have the same problem. My story begins when my friend from school ask me to go to a blinddate. When the date came. I have the girl with glasses and he have the one that he ask for the blinddate. When we went to McDonald to eat. My friend want to talk to me. And, he said, that his date and mines they are in love with me. I was shock of what he going to tell me, next. I was kind of confuse. He said, that I am a ladykiller. I told me, nothing. Then, we went home. We took the home. I was wondering and think why we didn't went on the second date? I want to know.


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  • I don't know what you're trying to tell us here buddy... Please consider re-writing your story


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