How to continue with him?

I am currently seeing a guy for the past 5 months. It's been great so far and it's getting a little more serious so we are sharing the "skeletons in our closet," he told me that in the past he paid for sex. I do not know how to feel about that. But what gets to me more is that fact that he wasn't honest with me. He told me that at first is was almost a year an a half years that he didn't have sex, then it was a year, and now I come to find out it was a few months before he met me. I have strong feelings for this guy, he is my first. so I want to make it work. But right now I feel hurt and sad. I know that is his past but I don't know how to talk to him about it. Any advice would be helpfully but please no calling me stupid and all of that.
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  • If he is lying to you - Dump him


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  • He isn't his past.

    We all have done things that we aren't proud of.

    I know the fact that he paid for sex doesn't sit well with you.
    The biggest issue here, seems to be the fact that he kept lying about when he did it.
    I think because of his lies you don't know if you can trust him.

    If this is bothering you that much... you should talk to him about it.
    Ask him, why did he feel the need to lie in the first place?
    Afterall, weren't both of you trying to be honest about your past?

    This is just a small stone , that you should try to overcome.
    If he's been great to you all along... try to move past this.
    But let him know, it's not okay that he lies to you.

    Perhaps paying for sex was something he wasn't proud of.
    That is probably initially he tried to act as if he hadn't had it in a while.

    • Correction last line - "That is why probably he tried to act as if he hadn't had it in a while".
      To add, he probably wanted to remember the last time he had sex (without having to pay for it).
      He is probably ashamed of the act that he did which is why he said a year 1/2 ago instead of several months ago.

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  • my opinion is if he's making you feel hurt and sad then that's your gut instinct telling you there's something wrong, he's dishonest and he's not going to change... he's going to keep lying to you about other things... he sounds sleazy if he's had to pay for sex, you don't know what kind of STD's he's got... my advice, you can do way better... dump him, get yourself tested... and move on...


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