Does this guy see me as a friend or more than that?

So I used to date this guy Jack for around 5 months a while back and it ended quite badly but since I've forgiven him.

We recently reconnected and met up once and since then have been talking online quite a bit. I'm really not sure whether he sees me as a friend or as more though?

After we met up he told me how he'd felt self conscious of how he looked and asked me what I thought of his how he looked. He's said its good we have the exact same taste in film but also the opposite, when I've spoken about drinking and said I'm not keen on binging like others do he said I'm glad you say that. We also talk about deep things about our futures, jobs, family problems and grievances on deaths. He's also said about how you just know when you have a connection with someone but neither of you say anything (wasn't sure if he was meaning him and I because in the past he's said how he's felt very connected to me). He always initiates conversation with me, and asked me to 'hang out' one evening.

But at the same I've only met up with him once a couple of months ago, he's asked to meet up since but ended up cancelling so it's not like I've seen him loads. He also has said because he's always around males he misses talking to women (makes me wonder if he meant romantically or not?) and he's told me he prefers serious relationships. So do I take these signs as friendly or more than that? We were never friends before we dated and when we met there was definite tension and a lot of eye contact.

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  • i don't see many signs for being more than friends here tbh... maybe this "how do i look?" one... but still he might just asked for yer opinion about his looks and nothing more.

    but... depends on this though... when u say he initiates? about wot he's talkin about? also "hang out" might mean just as friends mind u...

    • I wondered that too but because he said he felt self conscious (of how he looked) meeting me and said he kept changing his mind on what to wear and whether to shave.
      I mean he's the one that always starts a conversation with me texting and meeting up its been him to suggest it? I thought that with him saying 'hang out' but I wondered if it could just be him trying to sound casual. Plus we were never friends before?

    • so being self-conscious about his looks might mean he actually cares wot will u think about him... and askin to "hang out" might mean moe than a friend... so yeah... there's a chance actually

Most Helpful Girl

  • More than friends.


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  • more than a freind hun


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