Should I be annoyed at my ex for this?

My ex and I are friends.
We were going to catch up this week but I've just found out that when we broke up he not only deleted but blocked all of my friends on Facebook.
He didn't block me though
when I asked him why he said he likes his privacy

I think it's a dick move and shows how immature he is. Like firstly my friends couldn't care less about looking at his Facebook and neither do I (i deleted him). But it just makes me think he's still secretive and dishonest like when we were together.

Its ts been a few months since we broke up and were not getting back together, but is something like this worth not being friends over?


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  • I'm just curious what the point is in staying friends with an ex? I keep seeing this time and time again on here, and the posts are all filled with drama.

    Maybe it is just me, but I would never want to be friends with an ex.

    • We were best friends when we were together and I have no romantic feelings for him, that's why

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  • You're digging up old dirt.
    If you want to continue a friendship with him (to say the least) you shouldn't start getting angry about his past actions.

    His reasons for blocking your friends may not make sense to you, but it makes perfect sense to him.

    All the nit picking and arguing about stuff that simply could be left alone, is also immature in my opinion.


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  • No, it's not worth dropping the friendship. It is something he did in the moment for whatever reason. It is not a big deal since you two broke up and they're not his friends anyways, plus you deleted him so it does maintain his privacy and takes away the possibility of them going back and tell you what he's posting (even though you said they don't really care). It was an in the moment type of thing I wouldn't put too much on it.

    • It just disappoints me because when we broke up he was secretive and I couldn't trust him, even after 4 years

    • And that is why it is great that you keep it at just a friendship level. Unfortunately his ways will be some other girls problem. Just take it for the friendship and if you are still hurt about something he did, you only have the option of talking to him about it as friends, letting it go, or distancing yourself until what he did does not bother you. It is up to you, if even though hurt, to accept a friendship with the pain that he has caused you in the past or not.

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