Did I "let him go" to early or was it best that we didn't take contact anymore?

I have had the thought that i might have let this guy too fast.. my mind sett is very shallow when it comes to guys, and im not sure why.. but im trying to change it because at the end of the day i only want a guy who cares about me

So i went on two dates with this guy. he is orginally from poland, but have lived in my home town for some years, and he only speaks English and polish (which made it more difficult for us to communicate), he worke as a mechanic and likes motocycles, going to the gym, and traveling. All over look if i was going to base him on a 1-10 scale, he would land on a 5 i think.

Now to the less shallow things. He was nice, maybe a bit shy or insecure, or maybe he was just nervous, and even though i didn't know him that well i got the impression he was a genuine nice guy.. and he seemed very cultivated.. and could see it on his face that he found me very attractive (maybe explains his nerviousness).

What happend on the date was that we went to a bar and had some beers and on that date i was really attracted to him and i felt like it went great, and the end of the dated i kissed him. BUT on the second date we ate pizza and watched films at his place, but when he was picking me up he was less attractive then i remembered.. and i wasn't really feeling him in that sense... So when he went for a kiss i said no, because i didn't feel that physical attraction towards him anymore.

Looks isn't everything and i dont think i gave him a fair chance... A part of me feel like i should have tried more.. i have a tendecny to belive that if there isn't chemsitry straight away or if its not easy its not going to work.

Do you think i made a mistake or that i did the right thing (i didn't take contact with him after the date, neither did him understably)


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  • I don't understand how he went from attractive to unattractive within 2 dates.
    What changed?
    I don't think it makes you shallow... but it makes me wonder what happened?

    Did he really change that drastically or are you scared of getting close to someone that you like?
    Is this an underlying issue for something else?

    I don't think you are shallow.
    We are all entitled to be with whom we like.

    • to be honest i have no idea.. its so weird... he looked way older too lol Maybe i subconsicous make thing not work so that i dont need to open up to someone.. i know i have a lot of issues and im not superr keen on people getting to know that...

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    • yeah.. i know.. but i dont know how to fix them.. where to start..

    • I really wish I knew your issues.
      Since this is very vague and I don't know what you're dealing with.
      I will say, start by loving yourself.
      I know cliché and sounds easier said than done.
      Love who you are!
      Your imperfections that cannot be changed.
      Accept the flaws that you have.
      Work towards improvement to better yourself (the things that you can change)
      When you do good, you feel better.
      If you have feelings that need to be resolved write them down in a journal (this helps).
      Find someone to talk to when you are feeling down.

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