Why do girls want to get married early (under 30 y/o)? And can anyone help my current situation?

So my girlfriend is older than me by around two years, where i am currently 19 and she's 21. We have been dating for around a year, and both of us are serious. One day, we were talking about the future, where i would graduate at around 25 years old (it's med school), which meant that she'll be 27 by then. She told me that I MUST marry her before the age of 28 without a clear reason, where I doubt we can manage our economy by then, with another mouth to feed.
I've talked to my parents on marriage and they gave a condition, that if I were to marry her, I have to have at least a car and a house/apartment using me and my girlfriend's own money. The reason was, to ensure that both of us will be able to take good care of our family in the future.
Disobeying my parents is not really an option, the pay for doctors in my country isn't so great, and leaving abroad is not an option.
I really love her so much and vice versa, and the only solution I see is trying to gain as much money as possible to reach the set goal in time. It would really help if someone can explain why girls in general (or maybe just my gf) wants to get married that early? Because a little bit more time would be a great help for this situation. And are there any suggestions on what I should do next to solve the problem? Or should I end my relationship with my girlfriend, which is the worst case scenario in my point of view.


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  • I don't think 28 is too young.
    I was just that age (a few months ago).
    There are people getting married at 18 (that may be too young -depending on the maturity of people that are those ages).
    At 28 years old you have a great sense of who you are.
    You are entering into a different phase in adult hood.

    When you are near that age... you will look back at your 19 year old self and realize how different of a person you are.
    I honestly gave my guy a dead line too.
    We have been together since I was 20.
    I said no way are we being together for 10 years without you marrying me!

    • Lol, I see. I understand that it is rather hard to go on a relationship of more than 10 years without marriage. May I ask that are you suggesting for me and my girlfriend just trying to do things as they are, which means trying to earn money as we can, and just go on and see where things go on after knowing each other more?
      By the way thanks for replying :)

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    • I see.. that actually clears everything up, Thanks :D

    • No problemme , thanks for mho

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  • Biological clock. They want to settle and get children because unlike men, they have a set time when they can be fertile. A man could impregnate a woman as late as 90, theoretically but the opposite is impossible at 55 and earlier.

  • When thinking about having kids, as woman moves into her late 20's she's moving past her prime for reproduction. Also, dealing with an infant at 30 or 35 probably won't be as much trouble as dealing with a teenager when you're 45 or 50, it's better to squeeze 'em out younger if it can be helped. Biologically guys can afford to wait longer, but they'll probably be supporting her while she's preggers and a bit after so it makes sense to. But if you want to adopt then you're all good.


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