Girls, do any of you ever feel like a female is not a threat if she has children?

I'm curious if any female feels the same way.
Whenever I find out a female has a child or more with someone who was not her husband or especially a guy who's a crappy father, I always feel like she's less of a threat. This is because most guys don't want to be taking their time, money, and patience to raise another man's seed. Most guys are nowhere near prepared for fatherhood yet interested in raising another man's child especially if the kid is a brat. Who else can relate? Guys, what are your thoughts on this topic?

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  • Not a threat if she has children? I suppose I'm the opposite of what you said about guys liking to raising another man's kids. If I have to, I will. But I'd prefer to raise my own.


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  • yes i agree.


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  • I don't see other women as a "threat" period. If I like a guy and he likes someone else, oh well, we weren't meant to be. Any guy worth dating would choose me, I shouldn't have to "compete" for him.

  • Now a days guys dont care, because they often have a kid theyself. So its kinda like "Hey lets take our kids on playdates"... So a hoe will always be a threat in my eyes. Child or no child

  • I don't get what you are trying to say? I am a single mother of a 8 year old and I feel like nobody can raise him better than me, if I ever chose to bring a man into his life it would have to be a guy who is ready for fatherhood and is a good role model

    • It's not about the child; it's about the fact that most men and women don't want to deal with the burden of being patient with someone else's snot-nosed brat. It's annoying to meet someone you like and you have to stay on your P's and Q's because they've been knocked up so you must maintain a good impression in front of another man or woman's kid all the time.

    • Oh ok yea gotcha! Then yes I totally agree with you, sometimes I feel a little hesitant to tell guys I have a kid because I know that's a big red flag for many

    • If a man can NOT accept my kids then he can go to hell. My kids are my life.

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