I really like this girl?

But im not physically attracted to her.. I really enjoy being around her and I've taken her on a few dates... She seems to like everything about me, and i dont want to hurt her. So I leave her now so it doesn't hurt as much, or I stick it out and hopfully i can get over my shallowness?

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  • Dude, What you just described is a "FRIEND"
    Someone you enjoy spending time around but you don't see in a romantic light

    I'm not saying you're wrong for trying to wait and see what happens.

    I'm just saying that if you've been friends with a person for X amount of years or months and feelings didn't develop naturally over time it probably won't happen

    If you've been on X amount of dates on top of X amount of time spent being friends with them and nothing has changed for, it probably never will

    Sometimes a friend catches feelings for the others and the feeling isn't neutral. That doesn't make you shallow , nor should you be guilted into staying.

    You'll probably do more damage to the friendship by staying longer when you feel nothing vs ending it now.

    • We actually just met a few weeks ago.. No common friends or anything. I dont know, she just seemed like a fun person to be around. And she is. Last week she invited me over for some drinks and netflix... and of course one thing lead to another and im sure you can conclude where im going with this. I mean, Im starting to have feelings for her... But I've never dated a girl I wasn't physically attracted too. she's not ugly or anything. A little overweight, but thats not a big deal at all. But I also dont look at her and wonder how im with her you know?

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  • as long as you are CLEARLY not leading her on than i think it's ok to be around her as a friends if she reciprocates. you can't force an immediate attraction but sometimes things are built over time so if your instinct tells you to wait it out than do it, if not than leave her alone.

  • You don't need to stay with her. She deserves better than that and you dont need to wait it out just to eventually break her heart anyway. Maybe when you are older you'll understand how little looks really matter or maybe you'll find that right girl that makes you reevaluate yourself. A lot of guys do

  • If you don't want to hurt her suggest a freindship if you don't see her romantically.

  • Don't drag things along if you're not interested. Cut her free if you know it's not going to work so she can find someone who is attracted to her.

    • I guess... she says she's shallow and will only date people she's physically attracted too, so i took it as a compliment, but I started thinking, Im just as shallow, but im still taking her on dates. she hooked me somehow, but im still not completely physically attracted...

    • I don't think it's necessarily shallow. I mean, you have to have some level of physical attraction, or else there is no separation between friends and lovers. If you keep taking her on dates, maybe you like her more than you think. Only you can decide what level of physical attraction will satisfy you.

    • how can you like someone more than you think? just curious...

  • Just leave her.


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