Do you think it'll work out between us?

So i've been talking to this guy for about two months now, and everything is going good! He's very nice, funny, attractive, basically what I usually look for in a guy.

When we first started talking, everything was going at a good pace! At some point, I started giving him some harmless compliments, he'd give some back, but that's when he started withdrawing himself from us. Come to find out, he told me he had a fear of relationships because of his ex girlfriend (his best friend later explained to me how they were dating for two years and she broke up with him for some dumb reason, and he hasn't been himself since). At that point, I was getting tired of waiting for something to happen, so we stopped talking. Two weeks later, he tells me how he misses me and what we had, so we start talking again.

Fast forward to today, everything is going at it's usual, but slow pace. We exchange a few texts every day at the least since I don't get to see him much (I just assume he's a bad texter lol). We have been sweet towards each other, and he always comes to me if he's having an issue. His best friend said that they can tell he likes me, and I like him too! But I want this to go further than a friendship.

I don't want to pressure him or anything, but should I just take it slow and see what happens? Iwent to his birthday party last night and whenever we have the chance to go on our first date, he said he'd consider of us being more than just a friendship. I want to prove it to him that I wouldn't leave him like she did. He's an all-around great guy! Thank you!


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  • Communication is key. Talking about it is really important. You both need to address what you both want out of the 'relationship'. It's not pressuring to a guy to hear a girl is interested and would like something more. He'll tell you how he feels and you'll have a better idea about how to work with him. Be supportive and proactive.

  • basically it's up to him and only to think about it and forget about wot his X-gf did to him. he likes u but he's afraid to commit again coz he thinks he might end up being hurt again. so yeah there's a chance but depends on him mostly


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