Would a female continue to date you knowing she doesn't want anything?

I'm going to be going on a 4th date with this young lady that I'm crazy for. Would she not like me and continue to date me? Or does she like me? We haven't escalated phsycially at all at any of these dates.. Only hugging at the end of them.


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  • On the fifth date go in for a kiss and see how she reacts
    Does she still look nervous on the dates or does it really seem like she enjoys your company?

    • Before the 3rd date ended, we were walking back to our cars. She said that we are both odd and then she's like, 'you're the good odd' lol.

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    • I'm just horrified she might tell me someday that she's found someone else to date.. :$

    • Well making that first move is the first move to exclusivity :))

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  • some do, for fun and attention.

    i personally will only date a man if i actually want something. something being marriage.

    • Same with this girl, she only dates because she ultimately has marriage in mind... We've already spoken about dating.

    • well that's a good thing. keep her close and dont go too fast =]

  • It sounds like she's enjoying dating you. I wouldn't worry about it :)


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