What's the point of heartbreak?

it feels horrible. I feel horrible. I feel horrible that I can't have him. I feel disgusted that I still want him. I feel horrible that we aren't even friends anymore. and I feel helpless because everything that happened is all my fault I put myself in that situation... yes I liked him before I knew he had a girlfriend but after I found out that he had a girlfriend... I still went after him and since we have mutual friends I'm forced to see him kiss her in front of me... I can't sleep. I can't eat, I try to eat but food just feels like matter in my mouth. I vomit from time to time because I worry myself sick just thinking about everything that happened between us. My voice shakes when I speak. I have cold sweats in the middle of the night and I feel like everything in me has just been drained. I'm a very sensitive and emotional girl, I'm driven by my emotions. When you are hurt by someone. You call it pain. When I am hurt by someone... I call it devastation. Heartbreak sucks. This sucks. what is the point of heartbreak what is the point of dating if 99% of the time it fails?


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  • I have the same problem as a fall in love with girls too fast and then crash n burn my advice is to keep yourself in check and think of a future with the guy before you build a relationship


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