Should parents get involved with a couples business?

My boyfriend and I have been arguing a little lately over stupid shit. My bipolar has developed really badly and I can't help or even understand half the things I do, he's been the greatest help and my worst enemy. We're just starting to sort everything out and his mum has told him if he doesn't dump me she'll disown him! She hates me and blames all the disagreements on me even though we have an equal share. (Due to my bipolar I just blow over-the-top but it's not anymore my fault as it is his) He's an adult. Does anyone else agree with me that she's acting stupid, immature and childish? I believe she should mind her own business, or give some advice to US, not put him into a situation where he has to choose between love and family.

P. s I'm about to get dumped because of this... I want to talk to her, try and sort things out but he thinks it's a bad idea...


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  • I think under 18, when you are living at home, unfortunately parents do have the right be fairly involved in what is going on with your kids life. I am not even a parent and I know that can seem frustrating at that age, I remember, but I know see how true it is.

    She sees her son as being young and at a time where you should be enjoying everything/ no drama. Regardless of you condition, if you guys fight even regularly at any level, I would want my kid to break up too because that is not what dating at that age should be like... It shouldn't be serious with having to work out real hard problems and arguments all the time...

    Now I wouldn't go so far as to actually make a ultimatum to my kid, or to ever disown them as I think it is important to learn from your own mistakes, but maybe she feels it has been long enough and he needs a push...

    Either way, she may be a bit extreme, but I can understand wanting her kid to be happy, which it really sounds like he is not with you...

    • It's not regularly, it's just recently but it's all stopped now, we've dealt with it all without her help but what should I do? Do I go talk to her?

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