Have you ever regained feelings for someone after rejecting them?

Please feel free to share, i'd love to know if it's possible.


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  • It depends on the reason why I rejected them in the first place

    • Agree it depends on why I rejected them
      Sometimes I find someone attractive and like them at first but later see characteristics and behavioral red flags that are too hard to ignore...

      Other times it's simple because its just a simple "friends one" thing.

      You have a higher chance of being un/rejected if it was a friendzone thing rather than a negative trait/behavior

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    • Darn i can't change from anonymous either aha hmmm...

    • If you update you can

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  • nope. done with those farts.

    • Aww dayuuum, i'm hoping my case may be different ( long story ) one can hope... hope yours wasn't too bad.

  • Not that I can remember.

    • May i ask why?
      If that's ok i mean obviously it varies a lot.

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