Would I look desperate if I text him first?

I have been talking to this guy (online) for like a year because of distance. WHen we dated finally, we had sex on our second date. I kind of regretted for that happening too fast. SO I decided to try not to look too desperate which includes not texting first (Because I really like him). It has been several days and he has been texting me first all the time. Now I feel like it is time for me to drop alll that "regret and trying not to look desperate" thing and text first once. WHat would it feel for you guys if you were in this case? Would you guys think I am desperate or not? I need advice :)


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What Guys Said 1

  • I don't think it'd come across as desperate at all. There's nothing wrong with initiating a conversation with someone you're interested in, regardless of what others say


What Girls Said 1

  • Nothing wrong with texting first. Just make sure to keep it very casual. Plainly him about his day & so on. If you give him a flirty text it might give a desperate vibe.


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