Age progression and dating problems:Will I have the same dating problems that I did at 18 at age 30?

Just asking because I see a lot of strange questions from various ages

ex. What does this text mean?
She sent me a bunch of wink and kiss faces
Does she like me, is she flirting
age- 25-29

and naturally I think to myself really, good lord if I'm 27 still trying to decipher what a kissy face means there's a problem

Another ex. We went on a few dates and now she's distancing herself and not returning my messages
Is she ignoring me, does that mean she's not interested
age 30-35

Me: O_o I'm sure you've lived long enough to know when you're being ignored and probably done this to a few people yourself, why is this a question

I dont know maybe I jump to conclusions too soon
but this really has me wondering if I'll be having the same dating problems I did at 20 when I'm 29 because that's what it seems to look like

or if someone is lying about their age

what do you think?


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  • Some people learn from their experiences and some don't.
    Some people prefer to keep the drama going and some don't.
    Some people get better with age and some don't.

    • define ”better”

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    • OP said that it's strange and bad for people of certain ages to think at certain ”levels” and that she looks down on such individuals. she is basically saying that these things are age-specific. what i'm saying is that there is no ”better” as we all have different timing when it comes to life experiences and how they impact us and therefore there is no set way for a person to act or think at any age. there are too many variables. maybe they don't look at it as drama, maybe it's normal for them and for others. i also believe that there isn't just one way to learn from an experience.

    • Yes, I get it. "Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else." - Margaret Mead

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  • why do you expect people to all age the same? some don't age at all and have the mentality of a 17year old all their life. there's nothing wrong with that. we're all different. i would stop judging people based on how long they've been alive.


    • It's not wrong
      If you seriously met a 25 or 30 year old with the mentality of a 17 year old and didn't judge I'd be confused

      But you're right some people do have the mentality of a kid all their life and that's sad
      Why we have so much ignorance today like workplace bullying

      I'm not age shaming
      Let's not start another unnecessary hashtag for people to use and bicker about
      I'm actually getting tried of them despite my generation being so into technology

    • you sound like a very intolerant person.
      who are you to say it's bad to be one way or another?

    • i've never seriously used a hashtag but why not?

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  • No, they will get worse.

    Sorry, that's what I think.

    • I would hope that
      Age =more experience = maturity = less problems but at least you're honest

    • I think for guys it gets easier and for women it gets harder. You do have more experience and maturity but you also have a poorer selection to choose from and guys who have perfected their game so you are more likely to make a mistake. It's kind of like an arms race. Women have an advantage at 18 because they mature earlier, but guys catch up.

    • Good point especially about selection I hope I'm married by that time but I can't predict the future

      But it isn't looking good due to the whole hookup culture scene right now

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