Should I accept that beaty comes with a catch? or a price?

My personal experience and people who married beautiful sexy women have all confirmed beatific people aren't the best lovers and that they're high maintenance. I have a hard time accepting this because that's my marriage goal, to marry someone very pretty etc. I m not bad myself and been a gym goer since teens and I have many things going for me but a woman can really ruin a man or make him. Pls no mediocre looking girls tellin me they're pretty and they are all sorts of awesomeness.


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  • Why would you only marry someone solely because they look good on your arm? Your priorities are all sorts of messed up if you'd turn down a decent girl with a golden personality for a highly attractive woman who you can't stand.

    • I never said solely. I want a balance of both.. I didn't read the rest because ur answer is based on the assumption that's all I care about.

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  • It is important to everyone to date someone whom they find attractive. The answer to your question is no, beauty doesn't always come with a catch or price. More importantly it is something you should accept. When a girl dresses up, puts on make up, sprays herself with perfume, makes up her hair, works on that nice tan, this is time and energy in itself, with or without you being there. Your expectation is that if you marry a girl who looks that beautiful, she's going to cost you an arm and leg to keep her. The truth is, a beautiful girl is still a person. How she sees herself and how she presents herself can come across as totally different, depending on the person. So your focus should be for a beautiful girl with realistic exceptions about who she is as a woman, not some girl who things you owe her for dating you. All women are beautiful, you need to find one who is beautiful inside and out.


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  • i know many pretty people who are very down to earth and nice.. what you are saying is not true

    • U can't possibly know ho they are to their man in a romantic relationship not will a man who's a friend to her

  • I'm sorry but any decent girl who is both extremely beautiful inside and out, will not look twice at you if you have that view.
    You just want to marry someone for their physical attractiveness? You should only marry for love and unless you change your view that beauty is just as important on the inside, you won't ever find anyone who isn't 'high maintenance'. If you want a trophy wife that's all you're ever going to get. High maintenance and someone who doesn't care about you.

    • She'll think I m smart understanding behavioural science and psychology of conditioning. Inner beauty happens by enduring hardships and scarcity not being favored and tolerated beyond others which can stunt their growth and give then a twisted sense of reality. Are u experienced or educated? U seem like ur just taking this reality personally and speaking out of ur ass. Pretty girls agree with me in real life and I have a great reputation for being a good heart individual and have a good head on my shoulders. What I don't do is beleive in the type of bs ur trying to spread. Ur a women tellin me how men see things from their perspective. I highly doubt u know what ur talking about and just tryin tod efend the female sex or a personal thing.

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    • Can u reference your stance? I can back up everything through citing research to academic jounrals/articles.

    • U couldn't tell anything cause I rightfully used the word conditioning. But I can tell u don't know much by reading ur first answer. But I didn't shoot u down when I knew it's bs. That's the difference between someone well rounded and someone who didn't even learn the subject at hand but mock someone more versed in the subject. Cause I got ppls skills too. Ur really funny

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