Y can't I get a boyfriend?

I'm a teenager who's never had a boyfriend whereas all my friends can get them like that. i don't understand y guys don't like me i mean ! Everyone says I'm really pretty and smart and nice but I'm still single and I don't know what to do I need help fast! any advice?


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  • I didn't get my girlfriend until I was 23. But before that, I usually had a date a week. Date a lot so you know not only who you like, but you also find out a lot about yourself. Don't lock yourself with just one person so soon in your life. Your friends are dating, that's great for them. Most likely, all of them are going to break up. Focus on going out a lot.
    And if you are in England, I suggest you start asking guys out. I had a few friends from England who told me that guys in England are getting lazy in the dating department. Just start asking guys to hang out with you and see if any of them are interested. Don't worry, these things usually work themselves out.


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  • Don't rush it, you're still young. Just because everyone's getting a boyfriend, doesn't mean you have to have one too.

    But to answer your question, you should know not to act like you're out to pounce on some prey the first chance you get. Better to let it happen naturally with a guy.


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  • What country are you?

    • England

    • i just got out a long term relationship, i am facing the same problem of you, to bad you fare away, i could have been you boyfriend hahahahah lol

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