My boyfriend ditched me?

My boyfriend of two months invited me to go boating with his friends the upcoming weekend. Then the day of left my house while I was still in bed to, "let me sleep" as if we never had plans. This was the first time I'd be meeting his friends so I was so upset but either way it is not acceptable to make plans with someone then bail on them as if he had never invited me.

I'm always told it isn't a good sign when you still haven't met your man's friends so this really just added to my hurt and I concluded that I wasn't going to see him anymore.

I texted him to have fun at the lake (so he would know I didn't forget about our plans). He told me sorry they ran out of seats but there will be another boat party. I told him I'm sure there would be but I wouldn't be on it. He didn't seem to realize there was a problem until he picked up his truck from my place and saw I put all of his things in it.

He apologized, said he thought they were only tentative plans but that he definitely made the wrong call and will never leave me out like that again. I can meet his friends later this week. He said he isn't hiding me, they all know about me and have seen my pictures, he didn't think I was interested in going on the boat since I hadn't asked about it since him having mentioned it.

He hasn't really had any longterm relationships and has made a few other stumbles since we've been together so I'm not sure if I should give him the benefit of the doubt and let him make it up or stick to my guns and walk. He does really seem to like me and we spend a lot of time together other than this...

Guys/ girls is this forgiveable behavior assuming it never happens again? He didn't lie that is the only thing I can see on his side.

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His girl 'friend' that lives down the street from me was on the boat with him and she was the one who brought him to get his truck from my place...


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  • ... His girl 'Friend' that lives down the street from me was on the boat...
    Bottom line is, I see the writing on the wall and all and if you miss 'The boat' yourself her, dear, then this will just Anchor on your mind.
    I find it strange that She was There and you are the One Writing and wooing to us on GAG With... My boyfriend ditched me?
    He is making lame duck excuses and with some history of things with you having Not 'Met your man's friends' after a Month of Mondays, is telling me that without it being etched in stone, he is Not Ready to Explain you 'That day,' and who knows, if they really know Everything or Anything about you... Totally.
    Wake up here, dear. You said there are Other things that don't smell right in Denmark and this is One more topping to the cake that leaves a sour ball in my mouth... It seems he may want his cake and eat it Two with you and his side dishes of doing what he wishes and with This, I don't mean in Cheating but 'Cheating' you out of a healthy relationship.
    Have a pet talk with him, he is again in the dog house. And by putting your relationship on a short leash, he is barking up the wrong tree.
    Also while you have him at your clutches, dig a bit deeper into his 'relationship' with this pretty Pup who ended Up... Sitting in your seat on the Good ship lollipop.
    If you feel he is a waste of time and may not be ready for 'Longterm relationships,' then cut him free and sail on out. He doesn't really want to be hooked at the hip and from my own seat which isn't on the poop deck, he doesn't want to be 'totally' hooked at the hip like an anchor with a ship mate right now.
    Good luck. xx

    • That's pretty much how I see it... he said I have 'trust issues' especially with 'her'. I told him I wouldn't if I'd met her. Why doesn't he invite her over when we are at the pool every weekend and why the F not invite her in for a second when he came to get his truck when they were literally outside my front door. wtf

      I hate a man who plays me for a fool and leaves me guessing as to if I was wrong to dump his ass. I'm sooo hurt. :(

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    • Thanks for the advice. After a couple of days of being mad and ongoing efforts on his part I decided to go on and move past this with the understanding on both our parts that this is not acceptable behavior in a relationship (from me or him) so know that we know this it is understood this won't be happening again. And I want to meet his friend down the road soon. I know they aren't fooling around or anything but emotional cheating such as a crush on his side but not hers certainly will lead to a dead end relationship no matter who he is involved with. Been there done that, see it all the time.

      He did seem slightly hesitant but it may be because he doesn't know how I'll act... or if he does have a crush on her I'm sure the situation will be very awkward for him. So we'll see. Other than that I'm meeting some of his friends tonight and than we are hanging with a good friend of mine over the weekend. Thanks for the advice!

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend a helping hand with the man... ah, I am happy that with a start possibly, the greasy wheel gets the grease with you now holding the Boat steering wheel... Good luck and enjoy tonite, should be something worth writing about.:)) xxoo

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  • He knew the whole time when he was laid up in bed with you that there was "no seats left". The right things would have been to not go on the trip either since you couldn't go and it was planned for you to go.

    • My thoughts exactly. OR at least discuss it with me even if he decided to be selfish and go without me. I worked my ass of at the gym all week since I'd be meeting his friends for the first time. By just not saying anything at all he left me thinking maybe our relationship wasn't headed down the path I thought it was and maybe he doesn't want me to meet them. I just laid in bed and cried after he left.

      It was definitely a very selfish move by someone who is not used to being in a relationship and having someone to answer to consider and not just doing what he wants... I can forgive a little selfishness once as long as my SO learns from it and never does it again... I broke up with him because I thought he just didn't want me there.

  • well you have to give another chance and determine wether he is just clumpsy or not worth of your time... .


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  • Give him another shot. It is so hard to find a guy who truly likes you, and I seriously think he just had a stupid moment of not realizing how important this was to you. Espically if he says you can meet his friends later that week, I think he really didn't mean to hurt your feelings so badly. Don't be so quick to walk out on someone good so fast, it isn't easy to find a guy who truly is crazy about you and is a good guy.

  • Ohhh.. come on.. seems like a nice guy.. just see if he takes you to meet his friends... then your doubts get cleared..

  • So you have been dating two months. What were his other stumbles?

    It is possible he thought you weren't interested and thought you would rather sleep. He may have thought he WAS thinking of you? Maybe the next time he asks you to do something you can show a bit of excitement? Mention how much you are looking forward to it?

    But that advise depends on how bad his other stumbles were. I'm someone who does in fact believe in making sure I'm a priority to my guy, but at the same time I try to see things from the ther side, and his reasoning might make sense?

    • I totally hear you on that. His other stumbles... no oral (even though I've given it to him), disregard for my safety on his motorcycle (didn't let me wear his helmet and didn't take me home when I said I was scared), he still checks his OKC account, until recently I did most of the planning. He has a good female friend he used to go on date night activities with before we started dating and she was on the boat yesterday and gave him a ride home. I told him when he left that morning I would come up to his place and get him and he said no that's okay I'll find a way to come pick it up.

    • Ditch him. Too many red flags there.

  • ditch his ass!


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