I'm 15 and this 18 year old guy seems to like me. Or is he playing me?

So the first time I saw him he checked me out in a obvious way. (I look older than15) Weeks later I saw him at a birthday party. He was ignoring me for a while. But then he stared at me and smiled from across the room, served me, and told me he had a "voice like usher." He was singing to himself and he looked into my eyes. I'm shy so I didn't show interest. When I see him he fixes his clothes and seems nervous. In the corner of my eye I see him lookin at me from across the room. Does he like me or is he a playa?

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So apparently the voters think fixing his clothes and being nervous as an act? I'm not so sure. by the way he doesn't know in 15


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  • well the age gaps to big for it not to be weird so dont show intererest

    but to answer ur question there's no way to know from my perspective, not enough info

    • Good advice. How would u be able to know?

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    • well you would have to have an actual conversation but i strongly suggest you dont bother

    • He's tried but I ignored him. what are the actual signs tho? U seem very knowledgable

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  • he's playing you.


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  • he's playing around fam, you get me? dont go near him ur 15 mandem... ur young

    • Lol he doesn't know I'm 15. What do mean by "playing around fam"

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    • Ok lol. I don't think I'll tell him just ignore him

    • yh ignore him then :P

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  • I think he was just messing with you.

    • Why do u say that. Just for future reference.

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    • Yeah lol, but he played me.

    • Aww.๐Ÿ˜“ that sucks. Thank goodness I haven't been played. Other guys have tried but I read through it, just took me a little longer this time thanks