Why does my boyfriend do this everytime we get off the phone?

Everytime we talk, we talk for hours, but if he's about to get off, he is rude a little, he don't say bye, he just say I talk to you later in a rude way. I mean we laugh together and have good conversation. I don't know... I mean he's not the type to show emotions but he dont have to sound rude. He the one that called me.


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  • You think "talk to you later" is rude?

    What did you want him to do?

    "Bye, you hang up first"
    "No you hang up first"
    "Okay we both hang up on 3"
    "Did you hang up?"
    "Noooo you didn't hang up either"
    "Okay seriously let's hang up"
    "Oh come on hang up silly head"
    **Dial tone sounds*

    • No lol... thats not what I meant... I dont care if he say, talk to you later... it was the way he said it lol.

    • Lol I can't pick up the tone of what he said through text. Was he saying harshly, in a hurry, with no enthusiasm? You have to tell me :P

    • No... on the phone

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  • I think it's just a misunderstanding. He probably doesn't think or mean to be rude in any way

  • Some people are just really really bad at saying goodbye 😄 And some are worse than others...


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  • He's probably just upset that you're hanging up and may take you wanting to get off of the phone personally, so he takes it as you're bored of him or don't want to talk to him. Don't freak out, he's being ridiculous and this is a major red flag.


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